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Jim Haynes Collection

The man who went FERAL WITH CHERYL, LOBSTER AND NEVER FLOUNDER and told us YOU DON'T CALL WAGGA WAGGA WAGGA has spent TWENTY-FIVE years of putting FUN into Aussie Country Music.

Going to Tamworth in 1986 with bush band Bandy Bill & Co, to see if anyone liked their brand of Aussie music, seemed like a good idea to JIM HAYNES.

'I've always got lots of good ideas,' says Jim.

With the 40th Tamworth Festival looming, Jim celebrates 25 years of Festivals with a double album, featuring his most successful novelty songs, his most requested verse recitations - and an entire CD of his famous Big Bush Brekky comedy routines.

'Tamworth has been an annual stepping stone in my career for twenty-five years,' says the Man from Weelabarabak - that small town Jim says is situated on the NSW/West Australian border!

According to Jim, 'Weelabarabak' is an Aboriginal word meaning 'bloody hard place to find' and the town is the best Aussie town in Australia .... or anywhere else!

'All my aunties live there and the Weelabarabak CWA is famous,' Jim says, 'even Dipso Dan, our town drunk, has poems about him recited at all the best Bush Poetry festivals.'

The 'new' double album features 15 of Jim's novelty song hits such as Since Cheryl Went Feral, Don't Call Wagga Wagga Wagga, I Lobster and Never Flounder. There's even a duet with Beccy Cole.

'I wrote a love song for Beccy when we were touring together,' Jim says cheekily, 'called I Wish I'd Met You Sooner, I'd have Forgotten You By Now, and we recorded it together.'

The Weelabarabak and Dipso Dan poems are included as are the much-requested 'frack to bunt' Rindercella, Pop's Boots, which Jim originally wrote for Paddy Ryan, and the nostalgic Charles Souter poem Buckalong.

After recording with Bandy Bill & Co in the 1980s, Jim signed as a solo artist to Festival Records, on the Kookaburra Label, in 1989, and later recorded for EMI, ABC Music, Compass Bros and his own label, Singabout Australia.

This collection features material from many past albums, along with the comedy routines that have featured on Jim's Big Bush Brekky Shows, like the Top Ten Countdowns and Joke of The Day.

It's over twenty years now since Jim started the very first morning shows at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

'Things used to kick off around lunchtime after the pubs opened,' Jim remembers. 'People thought we were mad trying to do shows before you could sell grog, but look at it NOW!'

Jim quit teaching in 1988 to work in radio and spent over twenty years touring his own shows and being part of the Slim Dusty Show and many other tours and festivals. He is resident Australiana expert on Sydney's top weekend radio show, George & Paul on 2UE.

Jim has also written eighteen best selling books and been involved in the CMAA Academy of Country Music for fifteen years 'in his spare time'.

'It's great to have all the best of the old material available again,' says Jim, 'lots of people ask for stuff and now they can get it all - and I can get on and record some new songs ... I've got lots of good ideas!'

The double CD "THE COMPLETE JIM HAYNES COLLECTION" is a collection of material recorded over the past 20 years. The two CDs contain 15 songs 7 poems and 30 comedy routines - but lots of people ask for certain tracks ...so here's the track listing.

Don't Call Wagga Wagga Wagga   Dot the Barmaid
The Fish Song (Lobster & Never Flounder)   Top 10 Insurance Claims
Cricket Out The Back   CWS
I'll Have Chips   The Little Duck (joke)
Where There's A Will   Jim and Grant Chat - Holiday Retirement
Since Cheryl Went Feral   Top 10 Things Kids Know by 8 Drunks
The Feral Accountant   Jim and Grant Chat - Touring Sunday School
Wagga Wagga   Ponsonby meets a Tiger (joke)
Wedding In July   Top 10 Dumb Instructions
Madame Stella   Divorce
Fortune Teller   Curiosity
I Wish I'd Met You Sooner
(With Beccy Cole)
  Jim and Grant Chat - School
Raven 'bout Robin   Russell in Hospital (joke)
The Eleven Hours Of Christmas   Stage Announcement
The Video Song (with Mary & Rita Schneider)   Top 10 Headlines
Wagga Wagga Honeymoon   Chimp (joke)
Weelabarabak For Me   VW and the Porsche (joke)
Rindercella   Top 10 Signs Seen Overseas
Lunch For Dipso Dan   Lady at Doctor (joke)
Dipso And The Twins   Jim and Grant Chat - Ex Wife
Pop’s New Boots   Chokos
The Weelabarabak Bugle   Top 10 Housing Complaints
Weelabarabak Buckalong   Valentine's Day (joke)
    Russell at Bondi
    Jim and Grant Chat - Christmas
    Top 10 Local Paper Headings
    Aging No 2


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