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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - July 22, 2012

The Aussie vernacular - Derivations Of Aussie Phrases

Are we Losing our Aussie Vernacular?  Does it matter? I love the Aussie understatement.
‘Keep it down to a dull roar will ya!’ ‘I’m wasting away to an elephant’
‘ Q:Think it’ll rain? A: Be a long drought if it doesn’t.’


What is the derivation of  Cactus – ‘it’s cactus’ ?

A From prickly pear which ruined farming land in 20s – started out as ‘gone to cactus’
Q Where does the term  ‘Beyond the Black stump’ come from? 
A early surveying of colonies  - ‘limits of location’ Gov Darling proclaimed land from Manning River to Liverpool Range to Wellington was ok to sell and inhabit – rest was land ‘beyond’. Surveyors used a burnt stump to mark end of survey.
Q Where do we get ‘not worth a cracker’
A the cheap string on the end of a stockwhip

Aboriginal gone walkabout - to go bung, from Aboriginal word ‘bong/bung’ = dead.

Settlers brought some that we think are TRUE BLUE AUSSIE

Waltzing Matilda – old German army saying – carrying or keeping company with their pack – from ‘Mathilde’ generic word for army ‘camp-follower’ – prostitute.
Bludger – from old English word ‘bludgeon’ to beat – someone who beat and robbed rather than work for money.
Zack – Yiddish word for small coin.

What’s your Favourite Aussie saying … one you like to hear the most?

Harry Morant
Slouch Hat
Coolah in nSW claims to be the home of the Black Stump
The old Black Stump Hotel at Coolah


The Eye of the Beholder
Col Wilson (‘Blue The Shearer’)

Graspan memorial

Three men on a mountain peak,
Gazed in silent awe,
On the scenic grandeur spread beneath the skies.
On the mist above the treetops.
The sun on silver streams,
And each man saw the scene through different eyes.

One man was a Preacher.
He sank down on his knees,
And thanked his God for nature’s beauties grand,
Confessed his own humility,
The puny lot of man,
And gloried in the sight his eyes had scanned.

One man was an Artist.
A painter of renown.
He saw the scene surrounded by a frame.
He knew if he could find the skill
To capture what he saw,
Then he would be assured of wealth and fame.

The third man was a Farmer.
He stood and let his gaze
Range as far as vision would allow.
O’er rugged hills and valleys,
And he murmured to himself:
‘What a lousy place to lose a cow.’

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